„Propaganda on 64 Squares“, page 14-23

I want to let you know that the article, „Propaganda on 64 Squares“, is an amazing recount of the psychological and societal aspects that are involved in chess tournaments. I did not realize the amount of impact that revolved around that Olympiad. Also, the blend of Nottingham 1936 portrays a dynamic factor within the article. It read like a story or almost, a mystery novel that starts in the negative, builds in suspense and ends in the positive statement „unanimously accepted … once again officially represented.“

Now when I observe such photos of the 1936 Munich Olympiad and the Nottingham tournament, I feel creepiness underlying beneath the faces, scenes and figures of that chess period.

A great article which definitely needs to be published on a much grander scale. A perfect display for psychological  and sociological factors in the realm of country’s sport participation.

Lawrence Totaro, Las Vegas, USA