Harry Schaack Editorial 2



at this moment, you are holding the pilot issue of KARL international in your hands. A moving moment for us, the makers of KARL, in the hope that you will find it interesting and maybe a bit inspiring.

Amidst all the excitement of the World Chess Championship and upcoming Olympiad, the launch of a new chess magazine may seem a moderate
sensation. Nonetheless, KARL, the German chess magazine dedicated to the cultural aspects of chess, has decided to take a courageous leap and go international.

The English pilot issue of KARL is ready just in time for the Olympiad – as an Olympiad Special. Highlights are in-depth interviews with the German chess legend Wolfgang Uhlmann, the tenfold Olympiad participant Hajo Hecht, as well as the German Grandmaster and national player Klaus Bischoff who will be the German commentator for the spectators in Dresden. This issue features reviews of the German Chess Olympiads in Hamburg 1930 and the propaganda Olympiad of the fascists in Munich 1936. Additionally, all information about the current Chess Olympiad in Dresden 2008 is provided.

KARL has been devoted to offering its readers a unique, unusual and rich perspective on chess since 2001. Chess has always been more than just a game. It is a multi-faceted world with cultural, political, personal, psychological, artistic, athletic, social, scientific and sometimes amusing aspects. It has fascinated mankind throughout the ages – regardless of creed, race or social status.

Each issue of KARL focuses on a main topic and strives to enrich its reader’s lives by giving them in-depth insights from various perspectives. The focus may be on portraits of chess „celebrities“ or traditional tournaments, chess aspects like endgame or defensive, or abstract aspects like chess & random, chess & music, etc. Or – as in this international pilot issue – Chess Olympiads.
KARL is passionate about the aesthetic quality of the reading experience, ensuring an attractive layout, interesting photography and high gloss quality.
KARL’s cultural approach is quite exclusive and idealistic; we very much hope that its philosophy will appeal to those chess aficionados interested in all aspects that make life so fascinating, seen through the lenses of chess.

If you enjoy this issue let us know. We have more in the pipeline and would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Thank you very much and enjoy,
Harry Schaack